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Tarran Lee

Online Fitness Coach

Comparing Yourself

Don’t compare yourself to anyone but YOU.

We live in a world where we see people’s lives more than ever – the house they live in, the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, what they eat, what they cook, what they weigh, when they go to the gym, how much they lift.

It’s hard not to compare. Remember, most people only post the great things on socials and it’s more to make them feel better about themselves! It’s tough, I know. Tough not to get caught up in comparing how they look compared to you. How successful they are, how happy they are. But you know what, the real strength comes from being able to rise above how you this makes you feel.

My advice, keep doing your thing. Stay in your own lane, have someone to be accountable to and always strive to be better than yesterday. Always look forward, never back. You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone. You got this!

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