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Festive Season Survival Tips

It’s Christmas, please enjoy yourself! I want you to enjoy that beautiful ham, or glass of champagne, or that Christmas pudding your Grandma makes. It’s not the time to be ‘that guy’ and take your own food to the family Christmas feast.

However for many of us, it’s not just Christmas Day……..it’s Christmas parties, after-work drinks, friend catch ups, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Years – the days in between…..these can be a really tough time to stay on track if you are in a dieting phase or even trying to just not blow out.

I’ve put together my top tips for helping stay on track during this time:

  • Eat protein before you go out.
  • Fill your plate with protein and veggies/salad before adding carbs or dessert.
  • Drink water between your alcoholic drinks.
  • Stick to lower calorie drinks like vodka, lime and soda.
  • Always eat a good breakfast and take a protein bar with you if you are heading out for the day with friends.
  • Stick to your training routine as much as possible.
  • Be as active as possible.

If you do happen to eat too many Favourite chocolates, as well as the crossaint and champagne at breakfast. And maybe a few too many mouthfuls of potato salad – it’s ok! It’s not the end of the world. One bad day won’t de-rail your progress and hell, you’re probably going to spike all the amazing hormones responsible for stimulating your metabolism and it might be the little diet break your body needs to come back firing!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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