Ultimate Transformation Coaching

A complete online fitness coaching program formulated specifically for you!
Workouts, nutrition & weekly Zoom check ins. You can track your progress with the App.

Ultimate Transformation Coaching

If you want to kick start your life of better health, Ultimate Transformation Coaching is for you! We start our journey together with a no obligation discussion to see if we are a right fit. We will discuss where you are at and where you would like to go. Formulated for your individual goals, the program is a minimum 12 week commitment.

This level of coaching provides both workouts and nutrition with weekly accountability check in’s and is perfect if you are looking to maximise your results. You receive proven, strength and hypertrophy based workouts designed to burn stubborn fat and build lean muscle combined with personalised calories, macros, and flexible dieting education. You will learn what they are, how they work and most importantly we will show you how to use them to suit your eating preferences now and in the future.

Through weekly one on one Zoom check ins combined with my ability to see your progress on both exercise and nutrition through my app, I keep you accountable, on track and focused on your goals. Your success is my success.

Premium Coaching

This premium coaching is $99.95/week.

Online Transformation Coach Australia

What's Included ...

What I need from you:

Lifting weights and progressing your strength is key to transforming your body and losing body fat.

You must be able to commit to training at LEAST 4-5 times per week.

There’s a GYM or HOME GYM option. For home training the minimum equipment requirement is:

  • Squat rack
  • 20kg Olympic Barbell and weights
  • Adjustable bench
  • Resistance Bands including mini bands/booty bands
  • Dumbbells
  • Skipping Rope

The most common asked question is “What is the best diet?”

There is no ONE best diet! The best for YOU is the one you can sustain and maintain whilst being adaptable to get you results.

You will be tracking your calories with My Fitness Pal. The key to fat loss is calories in vs calories out. I believe by tracking what goes in to your mouth you gain an understanding of how much you are consuming and how this fuels your body.

  • You must be able to commit to a minimum of 12 weeks
  • Be receptive to training & nutrition instruction
  • Willing to set goals & push yourself to achieve them
  • Be ready to track your macros
  • Have a positive mindset & give yourself to the program 100%
  • Be serious about making a lifestyle change
  • Have no major medical or physical limitations

What I will provide you:

Fill out my contact form.

We will then organise a one on one discussion to get to know each other (make sure you check your junk mail for my reply). We need to be the right fit to work together so there’s no pressure to proceed from here.

Upon joining, you will fill out a health & lifestyle questionnaire. This gives me a clear understanding of your history, your habits and your goals.

  • Any new health and fitness journey can be emotional. There’s many ups and downs and times where you might feel like quitting. Mindset is key. To keep you focused and on track, you can schedule a weekly 15min catch up with me via a zoom call/phone call. You might not need this every week but it’s available for you to book and stay in touch.
  • Delivered in my convenient, take anywhere app (provided you have internet access). It’s easy to use and will have you feeling comfortable and competent in no time! Your program is updated every 4-6 weeks, and you have the power to schedule your workouts into your lifestyle.
  • You are unique. Each of us has different energy needs to achieve the goals we set. Based on information you provide on sign up and ongoing progress updates, we can determine the exact macronutrient and caloric profile for you (we will explain further each of these!).  As you change, so will your macro and calorie needs. These will be updated accordingly.
  • You will track your food with My Fitness Pal which is then integrated with my app. This gives me the ability to see your daily foods and your adherence to your macro and calorie targets.

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced gym-goer, it’s always important to ensure you are getting the full benefits of executing an exercise correctly. And let’s face it, no one wants to feel like a goose if you are unsure of what or how to do an exercise. Each exercise in your program comes with step by step instructions and a video for you to watch and check your technique against.

For each exercise session we ask that you record your weights, sets and reps in the app. This is a great way to see your progression and an ability to always ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts.  I will be monitoring your sessions through your records and it gives me an insight into your progress and any changes needed along the way.

You will receive notifications through the app to remind you of all those things that will help in your transformation journey and help to form new, lifelong habits.

Correct technique is so important in getting results and avoiding injury. If you are unsure that you are doing an exercise correctly, you have the ability to film yourself within the app and send to me. I will let you know any corrections or feedback. There will be some mandatory technique videos I will ask you to send during our journey.

I’m always watching! It’s important for your success that you log your training and nutrition honestly. This helps me to make any changes or give you a slight push along the way to help form habits that will set you up for a lifestyle of health and happiness.

In any transformation it’s essential to be reminded of where you started and how far you have come. Every 4 weeks I ask you to upload photos and measurements which will be stored in the app. This helps me identify any areas you may need help or changes in and keeps you on the right track moving forward. I base your next nutritional and exercise programs from these results so get comfy in front of the camera and measuring tape!

Variety is the spice of life. Each month for your first 12 weeks you will receive a new recipe book with some delicious recipes to give you inspiration for your meals and snacks.

Knowledge is power. I won’t just tell you what to do, I want you to understand why you are doing it. From Macro coaching to workout tempos there’s so much of my knowledge I share with you.

We all know that surrounding yourself with like-minded people helps us to achieve our goals. You will have access to my private FB group which will ensure you get support from those on the same journey as you. I am active on this page to answer any questions and I’ll be there providing you with exclusive motivation, tips, recipes and all sorts of cool things that I feel will help your journey.

Transform with Tarran Lee client numbers are capped. This ensures the quality and accountability in my exercise and nutrition programs to get you the results you have signed up for.

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