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Holiday Training Tips

Most of us take some form of time off over the Christmas Holidays. For some it’s a few days, others it’s a week and there’s even some of my clients who get a full month off!

If you’ve been following me on socials for a while you know that I am all about balance. Life is here to be lived and memories are here to be made. I don’t expect anyone to forgo time with their loved ones in lieu of getting to the gym.

BUT you haven’t put all the hard work in to put everything on hold for the entire length of your holiday. So here’s my tips for getting some exercise in during your festive season break:

  • Routine – stick to your routine. If you train early most days, keep this routine. Your body is used to it so it should make it fairly easy to stick to if you are away from home.
  • Check out Gyms before you go away – if you want to train in a gym and are away from home investigate beforehand. Check their opening hours, their holiday hours and see if you can get a pass for the days you are visiting.
  • Bodyweight programs – if getting to a gym isn’t possible before your first beer of the day do a bodyweight program in the comfort of your bedroom. Minimal equipment needed for a good body burn.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a walk – can’t get to a gym? Get up and go for a long walk. Finish your day with a long walk. Keeping active will be your best friend at a time when you are def going to be consuming some extra calories.

Most importantly, enjoy your holiday! Make movement fun and remember we want our good habits to be part of our lifestyle forever! 

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