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Online Fitness Coaching: Q&A with Susan

What was your biggest challenge prior to starting your journey with Tarran?

The biggest challenge by far is being consistent with food consumption, with water intake and with exercise, consistency is something I totally struggle with all the time.

How has this changed?

Consistency has improved with Tarran’s support and guidance. I now regularly reach my targets for food consumption, exercise and hydration. The app is excellent for keeping me on track along with Tarran’s positivity and regular ‘check ins’ with me.

How would you describe your past mindset towards fitness and nutrition?

In the past my mind set has been, ‘I’ll get to that tomorrow’, ‘I’ve run out of time today’, ‘I have no capacity to change my habits’, ‘I can’t be bothered’, ‘it is too hard’.

How has this changed?

Slowly but surely my attitude is changing, I have to be accountable to myself, I want to look and feel better and Tarran’s support helps me to achieve this.

What inspired you to start coaching with Tarran?

I was inspired to change because, frankly, all my clothes look terrible and I was at the point of having to purchase bigger sized clothes when I already have a massive wardrobe! This made me really angry and disappointed with myself. I have tried lots of methods previously to lose weight and to look and feel better and they NEVER work. My daughter who is already a client of Tarran’s urged me to contact Tarran. After the first initial on line meeting, I knew that Tarran would be able to help me navigate forwards to a successful outcome.

What have you enjoyed the most about Tarran’s coaching?

The very best thing is that Tarran has not given up on me, when I want to give up on me, she is there being positive and supportive and giving good advice that works.

What do you consider to be your top achievement during your journey so far?

Thus far, 2 months in, I am pleased to have a better understanding of the amounts of protein, carbohydrate and fat required to sustain me but at the same time lose fat and gain muscle. Although this process is slow, it is working.

The top achievement is being more consistent with everything and realising that consistency is the key. I have also learnt how to manage and balance a busy work life and social life with the daily nutrition and exercise requirements.

Would you recommend Tarran’s coaching to others? And if so why?

I would 100% recommend Tarran to anybody who needs a person who will provide expert advice, support and strategies along with positivity and enthusiasm.

By sharing Susan’s experience with online coaching I hope that it not only inspires you but gives you insight into the personalisation of my coaching and the education and accountability that is involved. Your success is my success and I’m there with you every step of the way.

If you would like to have a talk about your goals, I’d love to hear from you. I offer an obligation free chat that you can book through my website.

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