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Pro World Miss Fitness 2019 – what next?

Saturday October 26th 2019. Pro night of Champions. The night I won Pro World Miss Fitness and came runner up in Pro World Sports Model! What an incredible night.

My QLD cheer squad of 4 of my best friends and my wife were there with my Coach and some of our gym team to witness the most amazing achievement of mine to date. Pro f**king World Champion! Holy! I still can’t believe it.

I am actually so sad how quick the night went. We even missed out on a group photo – but the memories of being on stage and hearing my crew cheer will be something I’ll cherish forever. The stage photos and videos are a great reminder of what a ball I had on stage and how amazing the feeling of being World Pro Champion is!

14 weeks of dieting done. Time to let loose. Right? Well, not really. We are here in Melbourne for World Champs and wifey and I are having a holiday for another week here. It’s going to be a week of exploring the amazing food and bar culture that Melbourne has to offer. BUT for me, as a fitness competitor it is still a structured, controlled week – also known as a reverse diet. I want to slowly increase my calories while keeping body fat gain to a minimum.

The truth is, on holidays, this is going to be tough. Coach and I have already worked on my macro targets and here’s a few of my aims during this time:

  • Keep my protein levels up. I’m going to do this by having a high protein breakfast with quite low carbs allowing me flexibility to eat out and have a cocktail or wine during the day.
  • Exercise. We will be walking and exploring a fair bit but I will maintain my resistance training schedule as best as possible.
  • Be prepared with protein bars and quality snacks. If we are heading out travelling for the day I will pack my own snacks so I’m not tempted to eat anything too bad and enjoy my treats like dessert and yummy asian foods for main meals.

I’m holidays, I’m going to enjoy myself. But I’m still going to exercise some self control and ensure I’m not stacking on a heap of weight quickly as this is really unhealthy and detrimental to my metabolism. Once I’m home from Melbourne, reverse dieting will resume with the aim to further increase my calories and come out of ‘diet mode’. It’s time to grow some more muscle baby 🙂

What’s next? It’s a secret! I have a cool aim for 2020 and I’ll share with you in a future post.

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