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Comfort Food

Winter equals footy, jumpers, socks, beanies, heater and comfort food. Yes, comfort food. The foods that warm you up when it’s cold outside, foods that are full of flavour, and full of satisfying taste. The foods that go well sitting on the couch with a blanket or in front of the fire and enjoying Netflix.

Traditional comfort foods are often packed with heavy carbs and sometimes fats that can push your daily macro limits WAY over. I’m here to tell you that there’s a few spins on the ‘traditional’ comfort foods you can make that will satisfy even the fussiest eater, maintain that ‘comfort’ factor and not blow your daily macros! Although I’m a total advocate of trying to fit your chosen food into your daily macros, sometimes there are some great substitutes you can try and here’s some of my favourite suggestions:


Slow cooker chicken or beef curries are a must in winter. Try to opt for leaner meat cuts (breast over thigh), cook on a lower temp for longer periods to ensure your tender meat and if adding coconut milk or cream try adding half the amount the recipe says and some extra water. You will be surprised what little difference it makes to flavour but the macro benefit is outstanding!

Mashed Potato

Try making cauliflower mash instead of traditional potato mash to go with your roast dinner. It actually mashes WAY easier than potatoes!

Shepards Pie

Speaking of mashed potato, have you tried your shepards pie with sweet potato mash? Sweet potato contains more fibre and less carbs than traditional potato and also has that sweet flavour….winning!

Taco Mince in Zucchini Boats

Craving tacos? Try scooping out the insides of a zucchini cut in half and adding your cooked taco mince to them. Bake in the oven with salsa on top for about 25mins and you have a complete meal with far less carbs and fat than taco shells!

Spaghetti Bolognese with Zucchini noodles

Pasta in winter, yum! If you want to try a low-carb option, try zucchini noodles instead. With the bolognese you almost don’t even notice there isn’t real spaghetti underneath!

Homemade Fried Rice with Cauliflower rice

Fried rice is a favourite of mine and making it myself means I know EXACTLY what my macros are and I feel like I’m getting a cheat meal. I use cauliflower rice instead of traditional rice and I also add chicken mince to my mix to increase the protein. Satisfying and YUM!

I could go on with this list forever. I have so many ways to enjoy the foods I love in a low carb form for when I need. Make sure you follow me on social to get all my recipe tips.

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