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Flexible Dieting

I like to think of Flexible Dieting as a positive approach to nutrition.

It is more of a lifestyle approach and not a diet at all. Flexible dieting is a way of life and after a little bit of learning and practice it is something you can do forever.

I don’t believe in cutting out anything. Why cut out bread if you really love it? How long will you cut out dairy if it’s something you crave? What if I told you you could never eat chocolate, are you likely to binge on a whole block and then feel guilty? That’s why I love flexible dieting. It allows you to live your life and not be consumed by the fact you can’t have something.

Flexible dieting involves meeting daily macronutrient targets (commonly referred to as ‘macros’) that have been specifically calculated for you to meet your body composition goals. Being able to include the little treats you crave as part of your overall diet helps you to adhere to your nutrition targets.

A diet is no good if you cannot stick to it. Period!

Think of flexible dieting as your new lifestyle. You aren’t on a diet. This is your way of life.  A way of life that will empower you to have the knowledge to adhere to your lifestyle in the short-term and be able to sustain forever.

My clients learn flexible dieting principles and are educated to make informed decisions when it comes to their nutrition. If you are interested contact me today!

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