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Motivation VS Discipline

Motivation and discipline. They work hand in hand but are inherently different.

It’s easy to look at others and think they are constantly motivated. To think they love working out alllll the time and are allllways on point with their macros and tracking and that it’s alllll just so easy for them.

Well let me tell you……everyone, including me, feels unmotivated at times.

When that alarm goes off it would be easy to sleep a little longer rather than going to the gym, or overeating (or drinking) because I didn’t plan properly or just because I had a shitty day.

This is where discipline must take over. You may not always be motivated but by being disciplined and deciding that no matter how unmotivated you may be that you will still do what needs to be done because your goals matter to you.

Motivation is what makes you move and get started.

Discipline is the effort, consistency, and time you commit to achieving your goal over and over again.

Both are important to reach your goals and as you can see work hand in hand.

Find your motivation.

Develop the discipline by making small habits that will lead you towards your goal.

Stay consistent until you achieve your goal.

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