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Opinion: Meal Plans

Let’s set the scene: You’re excited about making some serious changes to your lifestyle and want some help with foods to eat. So why not get a meal plan? There’s so many meal plans out there. Meal plans from celebrities, meal plans for personal trainers, even meal plans from Google!

Here’s the thing: the best meal plan is worthless if you don’t like the food!

This is a little about me: I don’t like dairy, but I’m not vegan – I like meat. But I’m not really paleo either because I like grains and cereals. So what sort of a meal plan do I choose?! The answer is, I don’t.

My philosophy is, you can eat whatever you like – based around your preferences – as long as it fits your macro and calorie targets.

Whether your eating habits are cultural based (for example you are Muslim and don’t eat pork, or you are Hindu and don’t eat beef), allergy/health based (for example coeliac, IBS), personal preference or a mixture of all of the above – meal plans are often one size fits all.

At Transform with Tarran Lee we educate you on how to track your calories and macros around the foods you prefer to eat. Yes, we recommend a variety of foods – including lots of fruit and vegetables – to ensure you receive all micronutrients possible. And importantly to ensure you are having adequate amounts of fiber, but we don’t TELL you what you should eat.

Ultimately, if you think a generic meal plan will work for you – go for it. If you can sustain it and do it forever – go for it. If you are interested in living life around balance and enjoying all the things you currently do, then perhaps a meal plan isn’t for you. I’m not saying there won’t be sacrifices, i’m not saying it will always be easy, but if you’re keen to learn a new skill and have some flexibility in your diet – then perhaps ask us how we can help you!

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