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The New Year has begun and let me ask you – did you set yourself a new years resolution? Are you on track with your resolution? Was it a resolution that you told your friends on FaceBook or just one you secretly said to yourself in case you don’t achieve it and feel like a failure? No, I can’t read your mind, the truth is,  you aren’t alone in your thinking!

So many people set out to use the start of a New Year as the opportunity towards self betterment, often setting big targets in fitness and health (amongst other areas in our life). Which let’s be honest, are sometimes unrealistic. But, New Year, New You – right?

Not always……I read somewhere that 80% of new years resolutions fail by the second week of February. So, if you have stuck to your resolution, I commend you! If you haven’t, you certainly aren’t alone.

Here’s something to think about, what if you set a Monday resolution each week? A mini-goal/s that help you to reach whatever outcome you are chasing for a better you.

Something as simple as getting your meal prep done for the week, or drinking enough water each day this week?

Setting small goals or resolutions, will help you stay motivated. Help you be kind to yourself and reward yourself for achieving. We are often so caught up in what we haven’t done, not what we have done and appreciating the little wins.

As these mini goals become habits we are well onto the journey towards transforming our lifestyle, and becoming the better version of you. Give them a try, Monday is only a few days away!

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